Wrinkles and lines on the skin are temporarily removed with Botox. The duration of botox treatment lasts around 4-6 months. The duration of effect varies from person to person. This period affects the age and the condition of the applied area. Botox procedure can be applied to almost everyone except pregnant or breastfeeding women.

The very short botox process can be used to raise the crowbar, forehead, neck, anger line, eyebrows, and to prevent sweating. The application time is 10-15 minutes. The application time is 10-15 minutes.Patients can return to normal business life immediately after the application. It is recommended not to go to the gym, hairdresser or sauna on the day of botox application, and to the pool for 3 days. On the same day, attention should be paid to the sleeping position and not to lie face down. The full effect of Botox is seen in 5 to 7 days.

Facial aesthetics

Fine lines on the forehead, around the eyes (crow's foot), between the eyebrows, the side wall of the nose, the lips, the wrinkles around the mouth and the wrinkles and bands on the neck skin are formed as a result of the contraction of the facial and neck facial muscles.

Lines between the eyebrows and on the side wall of the nose cause angry facial expression, lines around the eyes and forehead cause an old and tired facial expression, and lines around the mouth cause a sad facial expression.

Botox temporarily blocks the contraction of the mimic muscles in these areas of the face, eliminating the tired, angry and sad facial expression, resulting in a wrinkle-free, younger, more vigorous facial expression.

Botox treatment should be done by professionel and experienced people who know the anatomy of facial muscles well. It is applied on the muscles that cause wrinkles with a very fine needle. It is not a painful procedure, only a slight burning and pain is felt in that area. 

After the procedure, the area must not be rubbed so that the botox does not spread to the surrounding muscles.

Application Areas Over the Face

  • Forehead lines causing tired and aged expression
  • Lines between eyebrows causing angry expression
  • Eye edge wrinkles (Crow's foot)
  • Correction of fine lines on the upper lip
  • Eyebrow lifting, bringing the eyebrows to the desired position
  • Correction of wrinkles and bands on neck skin
  • Botox in the Treatment of Excessive Sweating

Hand, foot and armpit sweating is eliminated for 6 months with botox treatment. It is applied to the area where sweat glands are dense after locally numbing with cream beforehand.