PRP Face Treatment

PRP injections can be used for the signs of aging on the skin due to aging and environmental factors. Positive effects such as increase in skin elasticity and decrease in wrinkles can be observed with the application. PRP can also be preferred to get rid of scars on the skin.

You can benefit from a non-surgical application with face PRP, which is the most reliable skin rejuvenation operation of recent times. There are some processes in this treatment method, which has been widely preferred in recent years. Platelets in the blood are among the cells that enable coagulation. It is known that this cell is important for healing and repair along with coagulation. Platelet, which is required for the growth of damaged tissues and for repair, begins to accumulate in the damaged tissue. In this way, the damaged tissue improves. The main purpose of the PRP process is to increase the number of platelet cells.Because the more these cells are, the more successful the repair will be.