PRP Hair Treatment

PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma and in the hair PRP method, it is aimed to repair the hair follicles by applying the materials taken from the individual's own blood to the scalp.

Hair PRP application has become one of the best methods to prevent hair loss by providing great benefits in a short time.

Since the person's own blood is used to repair the hair follicles in the PRP method, there is no risk of infectious disease. In addition, there will not be any allergic condition. After the application, the regeneration of the hair follicles occurs in a very short time. After hair PRP application, hair texture begins to develop, thinned and worn hair follicles are repaired. In this way, the hair returns to its healthy days again.

Does PRP make new hair grow?

For those who have no hair, in short, for those who are bald, there is this question in mind as to whether PRP treatment starts to grow new hair. No, it definitely does not grow new hair. It is absolutely not possible to have a solution other than hair transplantation to provide hair formation in the balding area. 

PRP is a treatment method developed for hair that exists but does not grow, hair that is weak due to dyes or any other reason. It helps hair to thicken and strengthen.