Hair Transplantation

Today, hair loss experienced by many people, regardless of whether they are men or women, affects people enough to damage their self-confidence and have problems in their social lives. Because hair directly affects the general appearance of people. For example, people with hair loss look older than others, and they cannot be said to look very good aesthetically. Hair transplantation has been developed to eliminate these problems of people and has come a long way in restoring hair to people by reaching its goal in a very short time.

Hair transplantation is the process of transplanting the hair follicles taken from the nape of people with hair loss problem and baldness to the problem area. The follicles to be transplanted in hair transplantation are selected from healthy and strong follicles that are not likely to fall out. It is a safe method that can be applied by people who experience lightening and thinning due to hair loss. In other words, the person who will have a hair transplant does not need to be completely bald.

Hair transplantation is the most effective method for people with hair loss and baldness problems. There will be no hair loss in the follicles transplanted with hair transplantation. With hair transplantation, people get their old hair and even stronger and healthier hair in as little as 6 months.

What to Do Before Hair Transplantation

There are also things to be done before hair transplantation as after hair transplantation. For example, people who do regular sports should stop their exercise 1 week before hair transplantation. Sports activities increase the risk of bleeding during hair transplantation as they make the blood thin and accelerate its flow.Therefore, before hair transplantation, the patient should be informed and warned about stopping sports. 

Likewise, sexual intercourse should be suspended for the same reasons during breaks in sports.In summary, activities that leave the person breathless should be avoided 1 week before the hair transplant. In addition, if blood thinning medication is used, it is necessary to take a break. Stopping smoking and alcohol for 4-5 days before hair transplantation will also have a great positive effect on the success rate of the operation.

Tests that must be done before hair transplantation should not be skipped. Blood tests that your doctor will request are also important for the applicability of the operation. Whether this process is suitable for your health or not will be clearly seen as a result of these tests.

Hair Transplant Techniques We Use

DHI Technique

Thanks to the special pen, the collected hair follicles are placed in the transplantation area in the same direction as the other hair strands without opening a channel. In this way, a rapid recovery occurs. Since the person transplanting with the DHI method transplants one by one, he/she adjusts the hair density according to your request, and you get the hair you desire. When transplanting, the direction in which the hair will grow is adjusted so that the natural appearance is preserved.

Sapphire Technique

In the channel opening phase of hair transplantation; channel opening process is performed with the help of tips produced from real sapphire, which is a very precious metal, instead of metal slit. To talk about the advantages of channels opened using a Sapphire tip, thanks to the smooth and antibacterial surface of the sapphire tip, both trauma and tissue damage are minimized as there is less vibration during the channel opening phase.


The areas to be transplanted planted and taken are anesthetized with local anesthesia with the help of DERMOJET without feeling pain without needles. Our patient will not feel pain during and after the procedure.